Our Jeh and Arina litter are expected to be born in mid August. They will be ready to go aound mid-October. We are still taking reservations for this litter! Don’t miss out!

The parents of our next litter. This is a repeat breeding.

Jeh and Arina puppies 2022

This breeding produced some fun markings and colors such as traditional fawn with a black mask, fawn with irish markings and a blaze on the mask, pinto, and sable with white trim. All are within the breed standard and registrable but not easily accessible in the USA.  

I predict the adult size of these puppies to be on the higher end for height and weight. The male will likely be around 185 -200 lbs full grown and he is on track to hit that now at 8 months old. I still have Black female, named Vera, and she will be a taller female and likely be around 145 lbs full grown. I enjoy watching the puppies grow and try to keep up with them after they are with their new owners.