Is the Turkish Boz Shepherd Dog a recognized breed?

In short, YES! The Turkish Boz Shepherd is a recognized breed by Alianz Canine Worldwide. AVKIF wrote the breed standards. World Anatolian Dogs, also known as W.A.D, judges the dogs and registers the dog’s breed, creating a pedigree. This organization partnered with the Turkish Dog Federation, which services North America. This is truly a global initiative. Not only do these organizations recognize the Turkish Boz Sheperd, but they also recognize the Turkish Malakli Shepherd dog, the Kangal Shepherd Dog, the Turkish Akbash Shepherd dog, and the Anatolian Shepherd dog, to name a few.

The Turkish Boz Shepherd has been a recognized breed since 2017
Since 2017, the Turkish Boz Shepherd dog has been a recognized breed from the global organization Alianz Canine Worldwide
Who recognizes the breed?

Who is Alianz Canine Worldwide? 

The Canine Allianz Worldwide is an organization dedicated to coordinating bodies issuing pedigree papers for dog breeds. This worldwide federation promotes collaboration in dog-related areas, including sports, rescue missions, dog shows, educational programs, and global training initiatives. It consists of two divisions, the Canine Division and the Global Training Division, which support various dog-related activities.

ACW aims to unite the community to benefit breeders and dog enthusiasts. Their objectives include preserving, evaluating, and studying purebred dogs while complying with global regulations, improving dog breeding and selection processes, and facilitating exchanges among canine experts worldwide. Additionally, ACW assists organizations dedicated to animal welfare, environmental conservation, and nature protection. They also collaborate with institutions on cynology research. One of their goals is to help individuals from different backgrounds enter the animal care field and establish global partnerships that advance cynology progress.

The origins of ACW can be linked to efforts in the European Union focused on the breeding industry, bringing together breed clubs and canine groups from all over Europe. This movement, driven by the growth of the internet and a shared commitment to breeding practices, developed into an alliance.

Pictured here is Hercules, an ACW champion, a registered Turkish Boz Shepherd. His son, Jeh, is a sire here at Urmah Kennel.

Who writes AND REGISTERS the Breed standard?

Who is AVKIF?

AVKIF stands for the International Eurasia Dog Breeds Federation (Uluslararası Avrasya Köpek Irkları Federasyonu) and is associated with Alianz Canine Worldwide. Established in 2013 and achieved significant recognition by 2017, AVKIF is the first and only dog breeds federation authorized and officially recognized by the European Union and Alianz Foundation, among the most powerful platforms globally. The federation proudly holds the authority for officially registering five native Turkish shepherd dog breeds (Kangal, Boz, Malaklı, Akbaş, and Karadeniz Dağ) internationally, including within the European Union and the Alianz Foundation​.

AVKIF is actively involved in various initiatives, including providing pedigree inquiries, organizing training and seminars, and offering a platform for breeders and dog owners to register their dogs, participate in competitions, and access a wide range of dog-related services. They aim to foster a comprehensive network of support and collaboration among dog breeders, owners, and enthusiasts in Turkey and globally​.

AVKIF is an organization located in Turkey.
Avkif hold the authority for registering dog breeds on an international scale.

Who is World Anatolian Dogs? 

World Anatolian Dogs, also known as W.A.D., is a group breed experts, judges, breeders, and a cynologists who travel across ancient Anatolia, present-day Turkey. Annually, they coordinate dog shows, judge individual dogs, and register hundreds of dogs per show. This group of individuals knows most breeders and dogs’ ancestry across Turkey. Within their database, W.A.D. has thousands of dogs registered among eight different breeds, if not more. When issuing a WAD pedigree to North America, the pedigrees are submitted from the Turkish Dog Federation’s website, All breeding dogs from Urmah Kennel are registered or are in the process of being registered as Boz Shepherds from WAD. WAD started their journey registering dogs in 1994 but gained global recognition in 2010. 

This is a logo of the registry World Anatolian Dogs
World Anatolian Dogs logo, also known as WAD