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A Legacy of Protection

Urmah is a beacon of excellence in breeding and nurturing Turkish Boz Shepherds. With years of experience, our kennel prioritizes our dog’s health, training, and socialization to ensure they become not just pets but true family members or guardians of your estate. We aim to connect these remarkable dogs with homes where they can thrive as protectors and companions.

They are health and genetic tested and registered with the World Anatolian Dogs registry.

Located in Kansas, USA.

What our dogs are great at!

Each Turkish Boz Shepherd in our care has been bred and raised with the utmost attention to health, temperament, and abilities. These exceptional dogs are not only capable of guarding livestock but also excel in protecting families and estates. With a gentle temperament towards their families and unwavering loyalty, they adapt to various roles, ensuring safety and companionship.

Turkish Boz Shepherd dogs are versatile and adaptable. It’s important to pick a dog with a temperament that suits your needs. It is equally as important to make adjustments to your environment to suit your dogs needs.

Homestead guardian

This dog has access to the home, outside buildings, and animal pens with large amounts of acreage to cover.

livestock guardian

This dog prefers to live with animals 100% of the time.

Family Estate Guardian

This dog lives primarily outside with frequent attention from his human family.


This dog lives primarily with his human family with access to a large yard.


Sumerian word meaning: beast of prey


Sumerian word meaning: Great

Urmah is an ancient phrase to describe a lion, a giant dog, a mighty mammal, or a carnivorous beast. Cuneiform writings with “ur.mah” are found in the same geographical area as Turkish dogs, including the breeds of Kangal, Turkish Boz Shepherd, Anatolian Shepherd, Malakli, Akbash, Mastiff type dogs, and other regional variants.  


Emperor Boz, the perfect Boz Shepherd.
Boz Kennel genetics
A boz shepherd dog wearing a decorative collar.
A giant dog in Turkey taking his owner for a walk.
Katil, an imported boz Shepherd, is standing with his family.